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1982 accord DX 4 DOOR HMT TORQUE ROD - FRONT BEAM diagram
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beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.beam, rr.grommet, beam endinsulator a, sub-frame mountinginsulator b, sub-frame mountinginsulator b, sub-frame mountingwasher, sub-framewasher, sub-framewasher, sub-frameinsulator, sub-frame mountingbeam, fr.damper, fr. beaminsulator a, torque rodrod, torquewasher, torque rodwasher, torque rodnut, yoke (12mm)bracket, l. torque rodbracket, r. torque rodgrommet b, control wire (16mm)grommet, hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)bolt, flange (12x111)bolt, flange (12x111)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt, hex. (10x86)bolt, flange (10x60)bolt, flange (10x44)bolt, torque rod (12x66) (ntn)bolt, torque rod (12x76)bolt-washer (6x12)
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