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base, stabilizer fittingspring, stabilizer (nippon hatsujo)bracket, stabilizer holdbracket, stabilizer holdbush a, stabilizerbush a, stabilizerbush, fr. arm (lower)bush, fr. arm (lower) (hokushin)bush, fr. arm (lower)bush, fr. arm (lower) (hokushin)bush, fr. arm (lower)bush, fr. arm (lower) (hokushin)bush b, stabilizerbush b, stabilizerseal, ball jointcirclip (chuo hatsujo)nut, castle (10mm)washer, fr. radius rodwasher, fr. radius rodbolt, hex. (10x10)bolt-washer (10x25)bolt-washer (10x25)bolt-washer (10x25)washer, spring (10mm)washer, spring (10mm)pin, split (2.0x35)
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