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headlight assy., r. (stanley)case, r. headlightring, retainingring, r. setting (type1)ring, retainingsealed beam unit (type1) (stanley)cover, rubberring, r. mounting (type2)screw, adjustingscrew, adjustingspring, adjuster (stanley)spring, adjuster (stanley)nut, nylon capnut, nylon capheadlight assy., l. (stanley)case, l. headlightring, l. setting (inner) (type1)ring, l. mounting (outer) (type2)light assy., r. fr. combinationlensgasketlight assy., l. fr. combinationlight assy., r. fr. side markerlight assy., l. fr. side markergasketgasket, lenswirelens, r.lens, l.bulb (12v 2cp)bulb, stop & taillight (12v 27/7w)molding, r. fr. apron sidemolding, l. fr. apron sidescrew, tapping (4x8)screw, tapping (4x8)screw, tapping (4x8)nut, fr. combination lightclip, rr. apron side moldingbush, rr. side moldinggrommet, fr. side moldingscrew, tapping (5x12)
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