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1983 civic **(1500) 4 DOOR HMT SIDE PROTECTOR - DOOR SASH MOLDING diagram
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fitting b, r. side protectornut, side protectornut, side protectorfitting b, l. side protectorprotector assy., r. sideprotector, r. fr. fenderprotector, r. fr. doorprotector, r. rr. doorprotector assy., r. rr. sideprotector assy., l. sideprotector, l. fr. fenderprotector, l. fr. doorprotector, l. rr. doorprotector assy., l. rr. sidemolding a, r. fr. sashmolding b, r. fr. sashmolding a, l. fr. sashmolding b, l. fr. sashmolding a, r. rr. sashmolding b, r. rr. sashmolding a, l. rr. sashmolding b, l. rr. sashclip a, moldingclip a, moldingclip, r. moldingclip, r. moldingclip, l. moldingclip b, molding
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