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1983 prelude DX 2 DOOR 5MT MT MAINSHAFT diagram
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mainshaftshaft, reverse idle geargear set, mainshaft thirdgear, mainshaft fourthgear, mainshaft fifthsleeve set, synchronizer (5)spacer (25x32x30)spacer (25x32x30)washer, spring (22mm)spacer a (28x38x1.90)spacer b (28x38x1.96)spacer c (28x38x2.02)spacer d (28x38x2.08)spacer e (28x38x2.14)spacer a (28x38x1.90)spacer b (28x38x1.96)spacer c (28x38x2.02)spacer d (28x38x2.08)spacer e (28x38x2.14)spacer a (28x38x1.90)spacer b (28x38x1.96)spacer c (28x38x2.02)spacer d (28x38x2.08)spacer e (28x38x2.14)nut, flange (22mm)ring, snap (52mm)ring, snap (28mm)bearing, needle (25x52x18.8)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)bearing, needle (32x37x27) (ntn)
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