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1984 crx DX 2 DOOR 5MT GROMMET - PLUG diagram
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grommet, washer tube (18mm)grommet, washer hosegrommet, washer hose (32mm)grommet, washer hosegrommet, washer hose (32mm)grommet b, control wire (16mm)seal a, fr. pillar (lower) (inner)seal, r. fr. pillar (lower) (inner)seal, l. fr. pillar (lower) (inner)grommet, heater lever hole (20mm)grommet, heater lever hole (20mm)seal, holeplug, settingcap, floor hole (53mm)seal, inside panel (15mm)seal, inside panel (15mm)seal, door skinseal, door hole (upper)grommet, drain hole (25mm)grommet, hole (25mm)plug, hole (12.5mm)grommet, tie down (20x35)plug, air conditioner holeplug, locate holeplug, locate holeplug, hole (12.5mm)plug, ventilation hole (20mm)plug, washer tubeplug, dashboard side member (upper) (20x35)plug, coating hole (25mm)plug, coating hole (25mm)plug, tailgate holevalve, rr. drain
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