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1984 prelude DX 2 DOOR 5MT HEATER BLOWER diagram
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fan, heaterclamp, case holdblower assy.cover, platediaphragm assy.stopper, springhose a, vacuumhose b, vacuumcover, motorgasketgasketgasketgasketgasketgaskettransistor assy.relay assy. (058700-0520) (denso)duct, heatertube a, vacuum (2.5x5x420)nut, hex. (5mm) (denso)nut, flange (5mm)nut, hex. (5mm) (denso)nut, flange (5mm)washer, specialclip, trim (5mm) *nh167l*screw-washer (4x10)screw, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (5x12)screw, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (5x16)
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