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1986 accord DX 3 DOOR 4AT HOOD diagram
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hood, enginestopper, hood hingebracket, fr. grilleseal a, top cowlcover, r. hood hingecover, l. hood hingegrommet, hood wireseal, hood rubberrubber, rr. hood sealcushion, hoodstay, hood openercushion, hood sidegutter, r. dashboard (upper)gutter, l. dashboard (upper)opener assy., hood *nh83l*bolt-washer (6x15)bolt-washer (6x15)bolt-washer (6x16)screw-washer (5x8)plug, hood holenut, nylon (3mm)grommet, hood stayclip, trimholder, rodboot, cowl top clipclip, hood sealclip, cowl topclip, hood wirecushion, hood sidebolt-washer (6x16)
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