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shaft assy., propeller (no.1)boot bring, bootguard, propeller bootshaft assy., propeller (no.2)shaft assy., propeller (no.3)support assy. a, center bearingprotector, propeller shaft (no.1)splash guardband, damper weightbolt, bootboltboltboltboltbolt, flange (10x22)bolt, flange (10x22)bolt, special flange (8x16)bolt-washer, special (6x16)nut, propeller hub (22x1.5)nut, propeller hub (22x1.5)nut, yoke (8mm)nut, yoke (8mm)nut, yoke (8mm)nut, yoke (8mm)circlip (inner) (52mm)circlip (inner) (52mm)
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