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1986 crx DX 2 DOOR 4AT 4AT RIGHT SIDE COVER diagram
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cover, r. sidespring, low accumulator one-way ballcap, breatherpipe a, feedguide a, feed pipeflange, feed pipepipe b, feedpiston, low accumulatorspring, low accumulatorspring b, low accumulatorseat, low accumulator springbolt, low accumulator sealingbolt, sealing (8mm)bolt, sealing (8mm)gasket (8mm)gasket (8mm)gasket (8mm)collar (8x11)circlip (inner) (38mm)circlip (inner) (38mm)roller (2x19.8)o-ring (7.7x2.3) (arai)o-ring (34x1.9) (arai)o-ring (19.8x1.9) (arai)o-ring (7.7x1.9) (nok)o-ring (8.5x1.9) (nok)o-ring (31x2.7) (arai)pin, dowel (8x14)circlip (inner) (26mm)bolt, flange (6x45)bolt, flange (6x45)bolt, flange (6x55)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)
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