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1987 civic SI(1500) 3 DOOR 5MT CANISTER - FUEL PIPE (SI) diagram
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damper assy., pulsationmuffler assy.cap, mufflerwasher, mufflergaskethose, fuel strainerstay, fuel strainerband, fuel strainerclamp a, air jet control tubepipe, fuel feedhose b, fuel returngrommet, fuel pipe (b)grommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipejoint, fuel tubepipe a, ventpipe, fuel returnrubber, mountingcollar, distancebolt, banjo (12mm)bolt,sealing 6mmbolt, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (6mm)clamp, fuel pipeclamp, fuel feed pipebolt, self guide (6x16)clip, fuel pipeclamp, fuel hose (15.5mm)clamp, fuel hose (15.5mm)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x20)clip, tube (b8)clip, tube (b8)clamp, tube (d8)clamp, tube (d8)clamp, tube (d10.5)clamp, tube (d10.5)bulk hose, vinyl (12x16x3000)
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