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1987 civic SI(1500) 3 DOOR 5MT SUNROOF (SI) diagram
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clip, oil drain tubeclip, oil drain tubeclip, oil drain tubeclip, oil drain tubeclip, breather tubeclip, breather tubevalve, fr. slide roof drainvalve, fr. slide roof draintube, vinyl (10x14)tube, vinyl (10x14)tube, rr. draintube, rr. drainglass, sunroofhinge, r. sunroof femalehinge, r. sunroof maleshim, sunroof male hingeshim, sunroof male hingehinge, l. sunroof femalehinge, l. sunroof malelock assy., sunroof *y8l*cover, sunroof lock baseshim assy., sunroof lockseal, sunroof maindeflector assy., sunroofcap, deflector bracketshade assy., sun *y8l*holder, sunvisorholder, sunvisorholder, sunvisorholder, sunvisortrim, sunroof lining *y8l*bag, sunroofbelt assy., lashinghook, fr.screw, lashing belt (5x15)screw, lashing belt (5x15)screw (4x8)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x12)screw-washer (5x12)grommet (5mm)nut, flange cap (5mm)nut, flange cap (5mm)nut, flange cap (5mm)nut, flange cap (5mm)screw, flat (5x12)
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