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1987 civic WV 5 DOOR 5MT STEERING COLUMN diagram
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column, steeringholder, steering columnplate, bendingband, rubberband, rubbercover, steering column holderholder b, steering columncollar, steering retainerbush, steering columnring, column thrustlabel, ignition switchcover, column (upper) *nh1l*cover, column (lower) *nh1l*ring, column coverclip, column covercontact, hornshaft, steeringwasher, steering shaftwasher a, steering shaftwasher b, steering shaftinsulator, joint holejoint b, steering columnbolt, steering yoke (8x22)bolt-washer (8x35)washer, flat (20mm)screw-washer (5x12)nut-washer (8mm)circlip (outer) (18mm)
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