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1987 civic WV 5 DOOR 5MT WATER PUMP - THERMOSTAT diagram
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gasket, water pumpthermostat unit (78) (nippon thermostat)rubber, thermostat mountingcover, thermostatcover, water outletcase, thermostatvalve, thermojoint, tubehose b, bypasshose b, bypasspipe, connectinghose, bypass outletclamp, water hose (21.7mm) (chuo spring)clamp, water hose (21.7mm) (chuo spring)bolt, breathing waterbolt, flange (6x30)o-ring (27.6x4.1)o-ring (27.6x4.1)pin, dowel (8x14)pin, dowel (8x14)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)bolt, flange (6x22)bolt, flange (6x32)bolt, flange (6x45)
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