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1987 crx DX 2 DOOR 4AT FLOOR MAT diagram
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insulator, r. side cowlinsulator, l. side cowlinsulator, dashboard (lower)lid assy., spare tireinsulator, spare tireclip, mat (5mm) *nh167l*clip, mat (5mm) *nh1l*clip, mat (5mm) *nh89l*clip, mat (5mm) *nh167l*clip, mat (5mm) *nh1l*clip, mat (5mm) *nh89l*screw, nylon (5mm) *nh83l*screw, nylon (5mm) *b49l*screw, nylon (5mm) *nh83l*screw, nylon (5mm) *b49l*cap, screw (5mm)clip, dashboard insulatorclip, guide insulator
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