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1987 crx SI 2 DOOR 5MT SLIDING ROOF (1) diagram
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clip, air hose (16mm)frame, slide roofseal, slide framesub-seal, framesub-seal, frametube, vinyl (14x18)tube, vinyl (10x14)valve, rr. slide roof drainvalve, fr. slide roof drainlining assy., roof *nh91l*cap *nh91l*roof, slidingseal, sliding roofholder, sliding roof sealslider, r. defrosterslider, l. defrosterstay, r. fr. slidestay, l. fr. slidelining, sunroof *nh91l*trim, roof *nh91l*clip, drain tubeclip, liningbolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x12)screw, pan (5x8)screw, pan (5x8)nut, flange (5mm)nut, flange (5mm)nut, flange (5mm)nut, flange (5mm)
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