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1987 prelude SI 2 DOOR 5MT A/C HOSES - PIPES diagram
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grommet, hood holereceiver assy.switch, pressureswitch, pressureplug, fusible (sak)rubber, receiver mountingo-ring (3/8")o-ring (3/8")o-ring (3/8")o-ring (3/8")o-ring (3/8")o-ring (3/8")o-ring (3/8")o-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2")o-ring (5/8")hose, suctionhose, dischargepipe, dischargeclamp b, suction hoseclamp, discharge pipeclamp a, suction hoseholder, suction hosestay, suction hosepipe a, receiverpipe, condenserpipe b, receiverpipe c, receiverclamp b, receiver pipeclamp a, receiver pipeclip, receiver pipegrommet, suction pipegrommet, liquid pipeprotector, pressure switchprotector, pressure switchgrommet, screw (6mm)clamp a, suction hoseholder, discharge hoseclamp, receiver pipeo-ring (1/2")o-ring (1/2")bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)screw, tapping (6x16)o-ring (17.4x1.9)
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