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1988 accord LXI 2 DOOR 5MT AIR CLEANER (PGM-FI) diagram
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washer, plaincover assy., air cleanerrubber a, air cleaner mountingrubber b, air cleaner mountingclip a, wire (dacro coating)clip b, wireelement assy., air cleaner (toyo)element assy., air cleanerelement assy., air cleaner (toyo)element assy., air cleanertube, air flowtube a, connectingtube b, connectingcollar, air cleaner mountingclamp, tube (8.5)housing, air cleanerduct, air in.stay, air in. tubechamber, resonatortube, resonator connectingtube b, air, air in. connectingclip, connecting tubecollar, resonatorcollar, resonatorrubber, resonator mountingrubber, resonator mountingplate, cautiontube, branchclamp a, branch tubeclip, air in. tubeclip, air in. tubeclamp, air flow tube (82) (toyo roki)clamp, air cleaner ductclamp, air flow tube (74)clamp, air flow tube (70)clamp bbolt, flange (6x25)screw, tapping (6x16)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x20)
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