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1988 accord LXI 2 DOOR 5MT REAR KNUCKLE - BRAKE DRUM (DX, LXI) diagram
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bearing assy., hub unit (ntn)washer, hub unitcap, hub unitcap, stabilizer endknuckle, r. rr. (drum)knuckle, l. rr. (drum)ring, spindlebracket, r. rr. knuckle (disk)arm, rr. (upper)bush, rr. shock absorber (lower)bolt b, trailing arm (10x55)bolt, flange (10x20)bolt, flange (10x20)bolt, flange (10x20)bolt, flange (10x20)bolt b, trailing arm (10x42)nut, spindle (22mm)nut, ball pin (upper) (10mm)o-ring (47x1.9) (nok)o-ring (47x1.9) (arai)o-ring (47x1.9) (nok)o-ring (47x1.9) (arai)pin, split (2.0x35)
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