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1988 accord LXI 2 DOOR 5MT OUTER PANEL diagram
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panel, r. side sillpanel, r. rr. (outer)reinforcement set, r. side sillreinforcement set, r. side sillpanel set, r. rr. (outer)reinforcement set, l. side sillreinforcement set, l. side sillpanel, l. side sillpanel, l. rr. (outer)panel set, l. rr. (outer)panel, roofrail, fr. roofrail, rr. roofgutter, r. roof sidegutter, r. roof sidegutter, l. roof sidegutter, l. roof sidelid, fuel fillerpanel, rr.panel, rr. skirt (upper)stiffener, rr. panel (upper)support, trunk strikerstiffener, r. rr. combinationholder, jackstiffener, l. rr. combinationspring, fuel lid openercushion, fuel filler lidprotector, r. rr. panelgasket, rr. skirt (upper)gasket, rr. skirt (upper)bolt, fender (6x18)bolt assy., skirt (6x16)bolt assy., skirt (6x28)
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