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1988 accord LXI 2 DOOR 5MT WINDSHIELD - REAR WINDOW diagram
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glass, fr. windshieldpin, quarter window lockseal, quarter window hingee-clipmolding, fr. windshield (upper)protector, fr. side molding (650mm)protector, fr. side molding (650mm)glass, rr. windshieldrubber, rr. windshield dammolding, rr. (upper)molding, r. rr. sidemolding, r. rr. cornermolding, l. rr. sidemolding, l. rr. cornermolding, rr. (lower)clip, rr. windshield moldingclip, rr. windshield molding sideretainer, rr. windshield moldingclip, rr. windshield (upper) (orange)cover, r. (lower)cover, l. (lower)glass, r. quarterlock assy., quarter *yr114l*lock assy., quarter *r93l*lock assy., quarter *yr114l*lock assy., quarter *r93l*seal, quarter *yr114l*seal, quarter *r93l*seal, quarter *yr114l*seal, quarter *r93l*glass, l. quarterseal, quarter window hingegrommet, screw (4mm)screw, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (4x12)screw-washer (4x12)screw, tapping (4x12)grommet, rr. windshield moldingclip, windshield molding (black)clip, fr. windshield molding (upper)clip, r. rr. windshield cornerclip, l. rr. windshield cornergrommet b, rr. windshield moldinggrommet, fr. windshield side moldinggrommet, fr. windshield side moldingbase, quarter hingescrew-washer (5x16)
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