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1988 civic 4WD(1600) 5 DOOR 5MT METER COMPONENTS (NIPPON SEIKI) diagram
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socket assy., bulb (14v 1.4w) (base:black) (ns)bulb (14v 1.4w)knob, trip (ns)grommet, trip knob (ns)gasket (ns)gasket (ns)rubber, speedometer (ns)bulb (14v 3.4w) (ns)bulb & socket (t6.5 cap) (base:brown) (ns)bulb & socket (12v 3.4w cap) (ns)bulb & socket (14v 1.4w) (base:gray) (ns)panel, print (ns)speedometer assy.tachometer assy. (ns)socket assy., bulb (ns)visor assy., meter (ns)illumination assy. (ns)screw-washer (4x12) (ns)screw-washer (4x12) (ns)screw-washer (3x16) (ns)screw-washer (3x13) (ns)screw-washer (3x10) (ns)screw-washer (3x10) (ns)screw, tapping (3x8)
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