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1988 civic 4WD(1600) 5 DOOR 5MT REAR AXLE 4WD diagram
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protector, r. sub-frameprotector, l. sub-framemounting a, rr. differentialrubber a, rr. differential insulatorrubber a, rr. differential insulatorplateplatestopper a, rr. differential mountingstopper a, rr. differential mountingdamper, rr. differentialrubber b, rr. differential insulatorbracket b, r. rr. differentialmountingbracket b, l. rr. differentialmountingbolt, flange (12x75)bolt, flange (10x112)bolt, flange (10x112)washer, plain (12mm)grommet, sub-frame (15mm)grommet, sub-frame (15mm)bolt-washer (6x25)bolt-washer (6x25)washer, plain (12mm)bolt, flange (10x20)bolt, flange (12x45)bolt, flange (12x65)bolt, flange (12x90)
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