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1988 civic DX 5 DOOR 4AT CAMSHAFT - TIMING BELT diagram
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cover, timing belt (lower)grommet, timing belt cover holecover, timing belt (upper)rubber, seal (lower)rubber, r. back sealrubber, l. back sealcover, timing belt backrubber a, engine mounting bracket sealrubber b, engine mounting bracket sealcamshaftpulley, timing belt drivenbelt, timing (106ru24 a-555) (unitta)tensioner, timing belt (nippon seiko)bolt, tensioner (m8)spring, timing belt adjusterbolt a, tensionerbolt, timing belt adjuster springbolt, flange (8x22)washer, special (28x8.5x4.0)oil seal (29x45x8) (arai)bolt, flange (6x22)
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