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1988 civic **(WAGOVAN) 5 DOOR 4AT REAR LOWER ARM diagram
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protector, r. sub-frameprotector, l. sub-framebush, compensatorbush, compensatorcover, r. rr. arm (lower)cover, l. rr. arm (lower)arm, l. rr. trailingarm, r. rr. (upper)bush, arm (upper) (inner) (yamashita)bush, rr. arm (upper) (yusa)arm, l. rr. (upper)nut, self-lock (8mm)bolt, arm (upper) (10x30)bolt, flange (12x75)bolt, torque compensator (10x59)bolt, torque compensator (10x59)bolt, flange (10x68)bolt, arm (lower) (10x80)bolt, trailing arm (12x40)bolt, arm protector (lower)washer, plain (12mm)washer (24x10x2.3)grommet, sub-frame (15mm)grommet, sub-frame (15mm)bolt-washer (6x25)bolt-washer (6x25)
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