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1988 crx SI 2 DOOR 5MT FRONT SEAT diagram
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cover, r. fr. seat-back trim *nh83l/nh83l*cover, r. fr. seat cushion trim *nh83l/nh83l*headrest assy. *nh167l*headrest assy. *nh167l*spring, headrest guide lockspring, headrest guide lockguide, headrest *nh83l* (tachi-s)guide, headrest *nh83l* (tachi-s)guide, headrest *nh83l* (tachi-s)guide, headrest *nh83l* (tachi-s)cover, l. fr. seat-back trim *nh83l/nh83l*cover, l. fr. seat cushion trim *nh83l/nh83l*bolt, pivotbolt, pivotbush, nylonbush, nylonwasherwasher
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