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1988 prelude 2.0S 2 DOOR 5MT WINDSHIELD - REAR WINDOW diagram
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molding, fr. windshield (lower)clip, fr. (lower)rubber, fr. windshield damspacer, fr. windshieldmolding, fr. windshield (upper)molding, r. fr. windshield sidemolding, l. fr. windshield siderubber, rr. windshield damspacer, rr. windshieldmolding, rr. (upper)molding, r. rr. sidemolding, l. rr. sidemolding, r. rr. corner (upper)molding, l. rr. corner (upper)molding, rr. (lower)glass, r. quarter (blue)glass, l. quarterspacer, quarter glassmolding, r. fr. quartergarnish, r. rr. pillarmolding, r. quarter (lower)molding, l. fr. quartertrim, l. quarter windowgarnish, l. rr. pillarmolding, l. quarter (lower)clip, fr. side moldingclip, fr. side moldingscrew, tapping (4x12)clip, rr. pillar garnish (a)clip, rr. pillar garnish (a)clip, quarter (lower)clip b, rr. pillar garnishclip, fr. quarter moldingclip, rr. windshield moldingclip, rr. wind moldingclip, rr. wind moldingclip, rr. wind moldingclip, fr. windshield molding (upper)clip a, fr. windshield molding(upper) (orange)grommet b, rr. window molding
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