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1989 accord DX 2 DOOR 5MT FRONT WINDSHIELD WIPER diagram
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collarrubber, bracketless mountinglink unit a (lh)dust sealdust sealdust sealdust seallink, fr. wiperrod unit a (l)rod unit bsleeve assy. (driver side)cap, pivotcap, pivotsleeve assy. (passenger side)arm, windshield wiperblade, windshield wiperrubber (475mm)rubber (475mm)blade, windshield wiperbolt-washer (6x28) (dacro coating)bolt-washer (6x28) (dacro coating)nut, cap (8mm)nut, cap (8mm)bolt-washer (6x16)nut, hex. (10mm)washer, spring (10mm)
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