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1989 accord LXI 2 DOOR 5MT IGNITION COIL - BATTERY diagram
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coil assy., ignition (tec)stay, ignition coilcondenser (panasonic)battery assy.plate, battery settingbolt, battery setting (225mm)bolt, battery setting (225mm)box assy., batteryplug, vent (d=26.0mm) (mf) (yuasa)plug, vent (mf) (panasonic)plug, vent (d=26.0mm) (mf) (yuasa)plug, vent (mf) (panasonic)holder, cablebolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)nut, hex. (6mm)nut, hex. (6mm)bolt, flange (6x32)bolt, flange (6x32)
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