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1989 accord SEI 4 DOOR 4AT REAR DOOR PANELS (4D) 4DR diagram
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panel, r. rr. doorskin, r. rr. doorskin, l. rr. doorstiffener, r. rr. door skin (upper)stiffener, l. rr. door skin (upper)checker, r. rr. doorchecker, l. rr. doorpin, door checkerstopper, doorbolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)grommet, rr. doorbolt-washer (6x16)
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