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1989 crx DX 2 DOOR 5MT INTAKE MANIFOLD (1) diagram
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tube, pcvo-ring, throttle bodyinsulator, throttle bodymanifold assy., in.manifold assy., in.manifold assy., in.manifold assy., in.gasket, in. manifold (ishino gasket)valve assy., pcvstay, in. manifoldtube, electronic air control valvehose, thermostat body outlethose, electronic air control valve in.hose, electronic air control valve outlethose, bypass outletclip, hose (18.7mm)clip, hose (18.7mm)clamp, water hose (21.7mm) (chuo spring)clamp, water hose (21.7mm) (chuo spring)valve assy., electronic air controlgasket, electronic air controlvalve (denso)sensor assy., air temperatureo-ring (7.5x1.5)clamp, tube (d17)bolt, stud (8x32)screw-washer (5x16)nut, flange (8mm)nut, flange (8mm)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)bolt, flange (8x20)bolt, flange (8x20)bolt, flange (8x50)bolt, flange (8x40)
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