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1989 prelude 2.0S 2 DOOR 5MT AIR CLEANER (S) diagram
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clamp, harnesswasher, air cleanerclip a, wireclip a, wire (dacro coating)clip b, wireclip b, wire (dacro coating)element, air cleanerseal, valvecover, air in. tubecase assy., air cleanertube, air in.clamp, jointstay, air tubediaphragm, control valve (tec)clamp, air in. tubetube, air in. connectingscreen, air in.valve, air controlplug, control valveplug, control valvepin, plug lockplate, cautionpipe, hot airclamp, hot air pipeclamp bsensor assy., air temperatureshelter, r. fr. bulkheadbolt, air cleanercirclip (34mm)circlip (34mm)bolt, flange (6mm)bolt, flange (6mm)screw-washer (5x14)
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