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1989 prelude 2.0SI 2 DOOR 4AT CAMSHAFT - TIMING BELT (SI) diagram
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cover, timing belt (lower)seal, timing belt cover (lower)cover, timing belt head sideseal, fr. head sideseal, rr. head sideseal, engine mounting bracketcover, timing belt middlebelt, timing (unitta)adjuster, timing belt (nippon seiko)bolt, timing belt adjuster basebolt, timing belt adjuster spring (nagoya rashi)bolt, timing belt adjusterbolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)washer, special (28x8.5x4.0)washer, special (28x8.5x4.0)washer (10.3x25)key (25.4x13)key (25.4x13)oil seal,27x43x9oil seal,27x43x9oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)oil seal,27x43x9oil seal,27x43x9oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)oil seal (27x43x9) (nok)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x60)
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