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1989 prelude 2.0SI(4WS) 2 DOOR 5MT P.S. BOX COMPONENTS 4WS diagram
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holder, driveno-ring, rack guide (yamada)spring, rack guide pressurescrew, rack guideguide,strg.rackdust seal, steering pinionnut, lockcover, pinion dusthousing sub-assy., steering rackretainer, gasketcap, cylinderwasher, retainerport, orificeport, orificepinion, steering (lh)cap, gear box housingring, piston seal (nok)bushing b, steering rackgasket, cylinder end (nok)gasket, cylinder end (nok)clip, bush stopperport, valve (lh)cap, valve bodyspool a, cut-off (0 / +0.005)spool b, cut-off (-0.005 / 0)spool c, cut-off (-0.010 / -0.005)spool a, cut-off (0 / +0.005)spool b, cut-off (-0.005 / 0)spool c, cut-off (-0.010 / -0.005)spring, cut-offorifice, sensororifice, dampingseal, portseal, portplunger (diameter=7mm)plunger (diameter=7mm)plunger (diameter=7mm)plunger (diameter=7mm)spring, returnspring, returnhousing b, fr. gearcylinderretainer, rack bushscrew, cylinder endpinion, driven (lh)rack, steering (lh)washer, driven holderspring, cylinderbushing a, steering rackdust seal, drivencap, driven pinioncollar, driven pinionring, driven pinion sealmagnet, power steeringscrew, driven capbolt, driven plugcirclip, special (ex22)bolt, driven holderband, dust coverbolt, power steering cylinderwasher, sealing (8mm)ring, snap (31mm)circlip (inner) (28mm)circlip (outer) (30mm)bearing, radial ball (6906z)bearing (6001z)pin, dowel (8x10)pin, dowel (8x10)roller (3.5x29.8)roller (3.5x29.8)o-ring (3.4mm) (arai)o-ring (3.4mm) (arai)o-ring (9.8x1.9) (arai)
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