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1990 civic DX 3 DOOR 4AT A/C COMPRESSOR (SANDEN) diagram
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compressor assy. (sanden)compressor assy. (sanden)compressor assy. (sanden)compressor assy. (sanden)valve sub-assy., safetycompressorboltbolt aboltinsulator, heatclutch set, compressorboss, fr.bearing d, shaftprotector set, thermalshim setring b, snapring j, snapclampbelt, compressorcoil, field (1-wire) (sanden)stay, idle pulleybracket, compressorpulley, idlecollar, idle pulley (10x17x15.5)cover, bearingbolt, idle pulley (10x39)washer (10mm)bolt, flange (8x85)bolt, flange (8x100)nut-washer (10mm)bolt, flange (8x16)bolt, flange (10x35)bolt, flange (10x50)bolt, flange (10x60)
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