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1990 civic DX 3 DOOR 5MT HOOD diagram
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hood, enginehinge, r. hoodstopper, r. hood hingestopper, l. hood hingehinge, l. hoodcap, airscoop garnishcowl top assy.cover, r. hood hingecover, l. hood hingeseal avalve, draincap, windshield (lower)guide, fresh aircushion, hoodwire, hoodlever assy., hood wiregrommet, hood wirerubber, fr. hood sealrubber, rr. hood sealstay, hood openercushion a, hoodstriker assy., hoodguide, windshield water (lower)cap, water guidebolt, hinge stopperbolt-washer (6x15)bolt-washer (6x15)bolt-washer (6x16) (dacro coating)bolt-washer (6x16) (dacro coating)nut, cap (6mm)shim, hood hingeclip, hood sealholder, hood opener stayclip, hood wireclip c, hoodclip, fresh air guideclip, water guidegrommet, screw (4mm)grommet, hood staybolt-washer (6x20)screw, tapping (4x16)
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