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1990 prelude 2.05SI(ABS) 2 DOOR 5MT FUEL PIPE (SI) diagram
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cushion, fuel strainerhose, fuel strainerclamp, fuel hosefilter set, fuelstay, fuel strainerband, fuel strainercanister assy.pipe, fuel feedpipe, fuel feedpipe, fuel feedrubber, fuel pipe insulatorrubber, fuel pipe insulatorhose, fuel ventgrommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipegrommet, fuel pipeclamp, fuel pipeprotector, fuel pipeprotector b, fuel pipepipe a, ventpipe a, venthose, pressure regulator returnhose assy., purgepipe, fuel returnpipe, fuel returnjoint, drain tuberubber, mountingcollar, distancegrommet a, brake pipe (black)bolt,sealing 6mmbolt, sealing (12mm)bolt-washer (6x16)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (12mm)washer, sealing (6mm)grommet, screw (5mm) (black)grommet, screw (5mm) (black)clip, fuel hoseclamp, fuel hose (15.5mm)clamp, fuel hose (15.5mm)clip, fuel pipeclip, fuel pipeclamp, feed pipeclamp, return hosebolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x25)screw, tapping (5x12)screw, tapping (5x12)clip, tube (b10)clip, tube (b10)bulk hose, vinyl (12x16x3000)
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