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1990 prelude 2.0S 2 DOOR 4AT AT MAIN VALVE BODY diagram
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pipe, low clutchpin, manual valveroller, manual valveroller, manual valvespring, rollerroller (6x16)roller (6x16)shaft, oil pump gearbody assy., main valveplate, main separatingcover, shift valvecap, shift valve (1-2)cap, shift valvevalve, reliefspring, cooler check valveseat, valve spring (1.0mm)gear, governorshaft, automatic vehicle sensorholder, automatic vehicle sensorvalve, orifice controlvalve, orifice controlvalve, orifice controlspring, kick down valve (3-2)spring, servo orifice controlseat, valve springseat, valve springseat, valve springvalve, manualvalve, shift (3-4)valve, shift (3-4)spring, shift (3-4)spring, shift (3-4)seat, shift valvevalve, lock-up timingspring, lock-up timingcap, lock-up timingcap, reverse control valvefilter, secondary bodybolt, flange (6x30)bolt, flange (6x30)bolt, flange (6x30)washer, lock (6mm)washer, lock (6mm)washer, thrust (14mm)washer, thrust (14mm)key, woodruff (3mm)roller (3.5x21.8)roller (3.5x21.8)roller (3.5x21.8)roller (3.5x21.8)roller (3.5x21.8)bolt, hex. (5x12)bolt, hex. (6x30)bolt, hex. (6x40)washer, plain (5mm)pin, split (1.6x12)pin, dowel (8x14)circlip, outer (14mm)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)ball, steel (#7) (7/32)
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