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1990 prelude 2.0SI 2 DOOR 4AT CABIN WIRE HARNESS diagram
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wire harness, r. cabingrommet, r.wire, interior & sunroofwire harness, l.wire harness, l. cabinwire harness, l.wire harness, l. cabinsub-bracket, r. engine (pgm-fi)grommet, l. harnesscable assy., starter (sumitomo)clamp, engine wire harnessfuse, block (30a)fuse, block (40a)fuse, block (70a)labelcover (upper)cover, main fusecover (lower)screw-washer (5x9)screw-washer (6x12)bolt, ground (6x16)grommet, r. cabingrommet, l. cabinclip, wire harness (50mm) (blue)(harness taping)clip, wire harness (black)clip, rr. panelclip, roof arch (60mm) (natural)(harness taping)clip, connector holderclip, wire harness (gray)clip, cabin wire harness (149mm) (white)band, wire harness (110mm) (brown)clip, offset (15)clip, cabin wire harness (119mm) (black)bar, joint (6p)bolt (6x15)bolt, flange (6x16)fuse, blade (10a)fuse, blade (15a)fuse, blade (20a)
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