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1991 civic SI 3 DOOR 5MT DOOR TRIM - SIDE LINING diagram
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weatherstrip, tailgatelining, r. side *nh154l/nh167l*lid, r. side lining *nh167l*stopper, rr. belt *nh167l*lid, r. damper maintenance *nh167l*lid, r. taillight *nh167l*pocket *nh167l*lining, l. side *nh154l/nh167l*lid, l. side lining *nh167l*lid, l. damper maintenance *nh167l*lid, l. taillight *nh167l*cover, rr. panelcap, rr. lininggarnish, r. fr. pillar *nh154l*lining, r. quarter *nh154l*lid, r. quarter lock *nh154l*garnish, l. fr. pillar *nh154l*lining, l. rr. quarter *nh154l*lid, l. quarter lock *nh154l*trim, fr. opening *nh167l*lining assy., tailgate *nh167l*stopper, center shelflining assy., rr. panel *nh167l*lid, r. rr. panel *nh167l*plug, belt hole *nh167l*lid, l. rr. panel *nh167l*screw, tapping (4x12) (po)clip, pillar garnishclip, pillar garnishclip, pillar garnishclip, pillar garnishgrommet, screw (5mm)clip, pillar garnishclip, garnish (kato)clip, pillar garnishclip, garnish (kato)clip, tailgate lininggrommet, screw (4mm)grommet, screw (5mm)clip, rr. panel lining *nh1l*clip, rr. panel lining *nh1l*clip, rr. panel lining *nh1l*clip, trim (5mm) *nh167l*clip, trim (5mm) *nh167l*screw, tapping (4x12)screw, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (5x16)
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