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1991 prelude 2.05SI(4WS) 2 DOOR 4AT DASHBOARD WIRE HARNESS diagram
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clip, tube clampwire harness, dashboardwire harness, rr.wire, tailgate (spoiler)wire harness, instrumentprotector, trunk hingebracket, l. instrument connector holderconnector, diode (2p)wire, defroster groundcover, fuel wirewire harness, door (driver side)wire harness, door (passenger side)clip, protectorgrommet, screw (4mm) (blue)clip, rr. wire harnessclip, wire harness (50mm) (black)(harness taping)clip, offset (20mm) (black)clip, wire harness (black)clip, protectorcable, strapband, wire harness (110mm) (brown)(w/seal)clip, connector (red)band, wire harness (93.5mm) (white)band, wire harness (93.5mm) (white)screw, tapping (4x12)
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