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1991 prelude 2.05SI(4WS) 2 DOOR 5MT BRAKE PEDAL - CLUTCH PEDAL diagram
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switch assy., stop & cruise (tec)switch assy., clutch (inhibiter)switch assy., clutch (tec)protector, clutch switchpedal assy., brakebush, brake pedalbush, brake pedalpad, pedal stopperpad, pedal stopperpad, pedal stopperbush, clutch pedalbush, clutch pedalspring, brake returncollar, pedalbolt, brake pivotcover, pedalcover, pedalbracket, pedalspring, clutch pedalpedal, clutchbush, pedal pinplate, clutch pushpipe, spacerbush a, clutch assistantbush a, clutch assistantbush b, clutch assistantbracket, footrestcover, door switchnut, self-lock (ohashi)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (10x25)bolt-washer (10x25)nut, hex. (10mm)nut, hex. (12mm)nut-washer (8mm)nut-washer (8mm)
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