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1992 prelude SI(4WS) 2 DOOR 4AT FRONT BULKHEAD diagram
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outrigger set, r. fr. sidepanel set, r. fr. bulkheadcrossmember set, fr. (lower)outrigger set, l. fr. sideextension set, r.panel set, l. fr. bulkheadmember set, r. dashboard (upper)extension set, l. fr. sidemember set, l. dashboard (upper)bulkhead, fr.frame, fr. bulkhead (upper)stay, bulkhead centerplate, crossmember (lower)wheelhouse, r. fr.member, r. fr. wheelhouse (upper) (rr)extension, r. fr. wheelhouse member (upper)base, battery settinghousing, r. fr. shock absorberextension, r. wheelhouse (upper)wheelhouse, l. fr.member, l. fr. wheelhouse (upper) (rr)extension, l. fr. wheelhouse member (upper)housing, l. fr. shock absorberextension, l. wheelhouse (upper)frame, r. fr. sidestiffener, r. fr. shock absorberhook, tie downstiffener, bumper staystiffener, bumper staybracket, transmission mountingframe, l. fr. sidestiffener, l. fr. shock absorberbracket, engine supportdashboard (upper)dashboard (lower)bracket, jackbracket, jackbolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (8x23.5)bolt-washer (10x25)
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