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1993 civic CX 3 DOOR 5MT DOOR PANEL diagram
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panel comp r,fr drskin r, fr doorskin l, fr doorbeam, r. fr. door skinbeam, l. fr.hinge a, doorhinge a, doorhinge b, doorhinge b, doorweatherstrip, r. fr. doorseal, r. fr. door holeweatherstrip, l. fr. doorpin, door checkerstopper, doorbolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)bolt-washer (8x25)bolt-washer (8x25)bolt-washer (8x25)bolt-washer (8x25)cap, lining mountcap, lining mounte-ring (6mm)e-ring (6mm)e-ring (6mm)e-ring (6mm)clip a, door weatherstripclip, door sub-sealbolt-washer (6x16)plug, blind (10mm)plug, blind (15mm)plug, blind (25mm)
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