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1994 accord DX 4 DOOR 4AT HIGH TENSION CORD - SPARK PLUG diagram
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wire, ignition (sumitomo)wire, resistance (no.1) (sumitomo)wire, resistance (no.2) (sumitomo)wire, resistance (no.3) (sumitomo)wire, resistance (no.4) (sumitomo)wire, ignition center (sumitomo)clamp a assy., ignition wireclamp a, ignition wireclamp b, ignition wirebolt-washer (8x28)spark plug (zfr5f-11) (ngk)spark plug (zfr6f-11) (ngk)spark plug (kj20cr-l11) (denso)spark plug (zfr5f-11) (ngk)spark plug (zfr6f-11) (ngk)spark plug (kj20cr-l11) (denso)wire, ignition (sumitomo)
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