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1994 prelude SIVTEC 2 DOOR 5MT CYLINDER HEAD (3) diagram
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cylinder head, valve (over size)guide, ex. valve (over size)seal a, valve stem (nok)seal b, valve stem (nok)pipe, cam holderpipe, cam holdergasket, cylinder headrubber, cylinder head sealseal, power steering bracket rubberorifice assy., oil controlo-ring (10.8x2.4) (arai)valve assy., spoolfilter, spool valvestay, connector holdspringfilter assy., spool valvesolenoid assy.gasket, solenoid baseswitch assy., valve timing oilpressurebolt, flange (6x45)bolt, flange (6x45)bolt, flange (6x45)bolt, sealing (10mm)bolt-washer (12x185)bolt, stud (8x38)bolt, stud (8x38)washer, sealing (10mm)pin, dowel (10x12)pin, dowel (10x12)pin, dowel (10x12)o-ring (13x1.5) (arai)screw, pan (5x8)pin, dowel (14x20)pin, dowel (14x20)bolt, flange (6x18)bolt, flange (6x30)bolt, flange (8x50)
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