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1995 civic EX(ABS) 2 DOOR 5MT SUNROOF diagram
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clip, oil drain tubeclip, air hose (16mm)valve, fr. drain (sunroof)tube, rr. drain vinyl (sunroof)valve, rr. drain (sunroof)seal, sunroof frameframe, sunroofglass assy., roof (sunroof)bolt, stay (6mm)stay, r. roof glassslider, r.slider b, glass lifterstay, l. roof glassslider, l.sunshade assy. *nh180l*sunshade assy. *nh220l*sunshade assy. *nh180l*sunshade assy. *nh220l*handle, sunshade *nh180l*handle, sunshade *nh220l*handle, sunshade *nh180l*handle, sunshade *nh220l*bolt-washer (6x16)screw, tapping (4x16)bulk hose, vinyl (10x14x3000)
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