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1996 accord LX 5 DOOR 4AT A/C COOLING UNIT diagram
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case, evaporator (upper)case, evaporator (lower)insulator, evaporator (upper)insulator, evaporator (lower)evaporatorpipe, liquid (sam)insulator, expansionsealvalve assy., expansiono-ring (fuji koki america)clamphose, draingrommet, drain hoseseal, evaporator (inner)seal, evaporator (outer)grommet, air conditioner pipethermostat, air conditioner (omron)clip, evaporator sensoro-ring (8mm)bolt-washer (6x20)screw, tapping (6x20)nut-washer (6mm) (paint cutting)clamp, casescrew, tapping (4x16) (po)
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