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plate m, oil guidecase, transmissionplate, oil gutterstay, rr. release pipehanger, transmissionstay, back light switch harnesscap, breathershim a (65mm) (0.60)shim b (65mm) (0.63)shim c (65mm) (0.66)shim d (65mm) (0.69)shim e (65mm) (0.72)shim f (65mm) (0.75)shim g (65mm) (0.78)shim h (65mm) (0.81)shim i (65mm) (0.84)shim j (65mm) (0.87)shim k (65mm) (0.90)shim l (65mm) (0.93)shim m (65mm) (0.96)shim n (65mm) (0.99)shim o (65mm) (1.02)shim p (65mm) (1.05)shim q (65mm) (1.08)shim r (65mm) (1.11)shim s (65mm) (1.14)shim t (65mm) (1.17)shim u (65mm) (1.20)shim v (65mm) (1.23)shim w (65mm) (1.26)shim x (65mm) (1.29)shim y (65mm) (1.32)shim z (65mm) (1.35)shim aa (65mm) (1.38)shim ab (65mm) (1.41)shim ac (65mm) (1.44)shim ad (65mm) (1.47)shim ae (65mm) (1.50)shim af (65mm) (1.53)shim ag (65mm) (1.56)shim ah (65mm) (1.59)shim ai (65mm) (1.62)shim aj (65mm) (1.65)shim ak (65mm) (1.68)shim al (65mm) (1.71)shim am (65mm) (1.74)shim an (65mm) (1.77)shim ao (65mm) (1.80)spring, fork setting ballscrew, ball spring settingswitch assy., back-up lightbolt, plug (14mm)screw, sealing (32mm)bolt, stud (12x57.6)oil seal (35x62x8) (arai)clip b, harness band (129.4mm)(dark brown)bolt, drain plug (20mm)washer, drain plug (12mm)washer, drain plug (14mm)washer, drain plug (14mm)washer, drain plug (20mm)bolt, flange (8x20)bolt, flange (8x40)bolt, flange (8x40)bolt, flange (8x40)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)
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