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1996 del SI 2 DOOR 5MT VALVE - ROCKER ARM (SI) diagram
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arm assy., in. rockerarm a, ex. rockerarm b, ex. rockerspring, rocker armcollar a, in. rockercollar a, in. rockercollar g, in. rocker (12.25)valve, in.valve, ex.screw, tappet adjustingscrew, tappet adjustingspring, in. valve (brown) (nippon hatsujo)spring, valve (sky blue) (nippon hatsujo)retainer, valve springretainer, valve springseat, valve springseat, valve springcotter, valve (fuji valve)cotter, valve (fuji valve)cotter, valve (fuji valve)cotter, valve (fuji valve)orifice assy., oil passagenut, tappet adjustingnut, tappet adjustingo-ring (7x1.7)
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